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About Us

Exapto Enterprises is an entrepreneur & startup consultancy based out of New Jersey, USA. Exapto strives to meet the goals which best prepare both the business and the individual for success.

Through its consultation services, Exapto seeks to better the entrepreneur and to incubate the startup process. Having been active in the consulting field for over 6 years, Exapto has built lasting relationships with resources and successful clientele - making it the powerhouse for entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Zachary J. Barden
Founder & Principal Consultant - Mr. Barden is a distinguished consultant at Exapto and has been with it from the start. Executing the right strategies, he continues to build the Exapto brand, from his hometown in New Jersey, to the skyscrapers of New York City, and now around the globe. In addition to his international acclaim, he also has a background in risk & actuarial science and is an Exapto Certified Consultant.[Contact Zachary]

Clayton M. T. Berg
Advisor - Mr. Berg holds equity partnerships in multiple companies ranging from social media and indexing to e-commerce. He serves as a strategic advisor to startups from Silicon Valley to Montreal, to Australia, and maintains partnership roles with select charities. He currently acts as an Advisor to the Board at Exapto.

Ashish Nagi
Communications Manager - Mr. Nagi is our communications manager at Exapto, and he provides extensive interviewing and career insight skills which help make our hiring process swift and efficient. In addition to his human resources work, Mr. Nagi has managed the company reputation in client service and recruitment. he has expanded along with the Exapto brand to New York, where he works with Mr. Barden. Mr. Nagi has a background in finance and has a great deal of experience in product development.[Contact Ashish]

Patrick Murray
Technical Consultant - Mr. Murray is a contracted programmer and security analyst who is consulted by Exapto in an effort to deliver better, faster service. He has also worked on a variety of in-house projects which have only formed Exapto as a better consultancy. [Contact Patrick]

Nicholas Brino
Business Consultant - Mr. Brino is a business consultant who has newly joined the Exapto team. He has shown ability and aptitude even at the early stages of his work, and allows for a prospective future. He currently works out of both Connecticut and New York. He also enjoys playing golf. [Contact Nicholas]